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"Live like a tourist,
Travel like a local..."

Your own island

meraki: (v.) to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

​​"After visiting over 45 countries and 160 cities and villages, I strongly believe that the best way to discover a new place is to come in touch and meet local people and to live like a local.

With this in mind, here in Angelos Suites, we offer a wide range of activities which will help you to discover the real Alonissos and to get back home with the strongest memories from your greek holidays."


Garden experience

Get a taste of the 'good life' this summer by heading to our local garden , picking your own fruit and vegetable.

We grow nearly 20 different sorts of fruits and vegetables which are grown exclusively for Pick-Your-Own between May and October. We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce, which is "as fresh as it gets"! Crops include oranges, plums, apples, lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc . You are invited to come, to stroll along our garden, and pick your selection of crops during the season.

The garden is set in Patitiri, just 10 minutes walk from our suites and yet is easily accessible from all the surrounding areas. At your arrival, you will receive a few words of explanation.

The allure of the farm has always been powerful: It’s a throwback to a simpler way of life. You can enjoy fresh air and sunshine while choosing the best quality fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness. There are lots of benefits to picking your own. Picking your own fruit and veg is incredibly rewarding, you’re reconnecting with nature.

It couldn't be fresher and nothing beats pulling it from the ground or bush with your own fair hands. A visit to a U-pick farm is a great learning opportunity for kids. They experience firsthand where their food comes from and how it grows; and studies show they’ll be more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables if they have a hand in the harvest.

So dress comfortably for your trip to the farm. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent, wear sturdy shoes to protect your feet and be a part of our garden which has been run by our family for over 30 years.


Greek authentic culinary experience

Join us to learn how to cook greek food and cook the traditional greek way...

If you are interested in local cuisine, Greek food, or you are just crazy about cooking, we invite you to join our traditional cooking lessons.

We will cook, taste and enjoy local recipes, like the traditional fried cheese pie and the donuts with honey, cinnamon and walnuts and prepare delicious dishes with the guidance and assistance of our grandfather. We will reveal local cooking secrets and we will share with you some food stories.


A boat trip experience...
coming soon

A Boat Trip Like No Other – with Local Fisherman in Alonissos...

Climb aboard our fishing boat to experience the magnificent sights of Alonissos from the water. A boat trip is one of the best ways to enjoy and explore our island, and nearly a must if you like snorkeling, hanging out on beautiful beaches or just relaxing in the sun and jumping into the water from time to time.

This voyage lets you see the island like a local person, all in the company of an expert fisherman who teaches you the best techniques to secure a catch. Your captain, an experienced fisherman from Alonissos, teaches you about the wide variety of native fish found in these waters. Once you're ready, cast out your net and try your luck. When you feel something swimming against your grasp, bring it in and admire your catch while immersed in the beautiful scenery.

This trip is not going to be about the common boat trips that you can book at a lot of agencies, but more a guide for people who like to travel individual and explore the beautiful island of Alonissos in a different way. On this tour, we provide an authentic social and cultural insight into the local way of life.

Our boat trips take place in May, June and September and depend on the weather conditions.

Unwind and relax in Alonissos #be_a_traveller